Great North West Pagan Association

We are an earth-spirit based group who provide fellowship with like minded people, offer meet ups and get togethers in public and private venues for fun, sharing and learning, ritual and celebration. We are a family oriented group and hope to provide a fun exciting atmosphere for everyone.

Hope you have your join our parties, rituals, and potlucks. Watch here for information about upcoming events along with reviews of past events.  In addition to google+ and facebook, please look for us on Meetup.com as this is where we track our RSVPs. Hope to see you there soon!

During the cold wet winter months, we are currently holding events in people’s homes which make them a little less family friendly. Right now we are asking that children do not attend as the homes where we are holding events are not always child friendly. Once the weather warms and dries, we will go back to outdoor public events where all family will be welcome.

Thank you for your understanding.

You can also find us here

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We can learn more from ourselves and each other then anywhere else.

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