This Is My Truth!

What an amazing thought. Group of thoughts. Poem. The author and the girl reciting this are unknown. Did a lot of searching and couldn’t find any information, just the video posted in several places. Decided it needed to be here also. Enjoy and take heed of the hope wisdom.

I post this in hopes that I am not breaking any copyright laws or such but I thought this needs to be shared everywhere. I looked everywhere and could not find anyone claiming rights to this video

It is Chamomile

Awens to All:

It is Sunday Morning and thus time for the Herb Of The Week. This will be my 3rd Herb Of The Week in this Serialization.

I gave information about this Herb to a Ladyfriend that is trying to Quit Smoking as it does have a Relaxant Affect that Helps with getting over the Stresses of things such as trying to Quit Smoking.

The Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis):Image

Chamomile is Native to Europe, North Africa, and the Mediterranean Region. Both Single and Double Flowers are used in Medicine. Chamomile is one of the Oldest Favorites amongst Garden Herbs and its Reputation as a Medicinal Plant shows little signs of abatement. The Egyptians had Reverence for its Herbal Benefits, and it was due to their Belief in its Healing Powers that they Dedicated it to their Gods. The Curative Properties of the Chamomile is considered to lay in the Central Disk of Yellow Florets. Its Dried Flowers have been used for Centuries in Herbal Tea, while its Essential Oil has been an Ingredient in Commercial Flavors and Perfumes. Chamomile has a Long History as a Medicinal Herb and a Tea. Chamomile’s Medicinal Properties is backed up by Medical Research, and helps a variety of Medical Conditions.

Chamomile Tea is a Popular Herbal Tea appreciated for its Mild, Fruity Flavor and is a Soothing Nervine. Chamomile is also used to Relieve Menstrual Cramps, Arthritis and is an Effective Sedative. Its Sedative Affect is considered a Good Remedy for Chronic Nightmares. It has sometimes been employed in Intermittent Fevers. Chamomile Tea is also good for Treating Indigestion, Ulcers, Flatulence, Colic, Heartburn, Loss of Appetite.

Chamomile Herbal Tea is good for Treating Gout and Periodic Headaches. Chamomile makes a good Appetizing Tonic, especially for Aged Persons. A Tincture is used to help Treat Diarrhea with other Purgatives to prevent Griping. Chamomile foliage and flower heads have also been used as Antispasmodics and Diaphoretics. Chamomile Tea helps in Lowering the Temperature of the Body during a Persistent Fever and furthermore, the Herbal Tea is also effective against Colds, Flu, Sore Throats, and Persistent Coughs. Herbal Remedies made from the Chamomile are also used in the Treatment of Asthma and to Treat Hay Fever.

Herbal Remedies made from the Chamomile Herbal Tea also helps in Relieving Persistent Nausea and Sickness felt by a Women during the term of her Pregnancy, the Herbal Remedy can also help bring Relaxation from Uterine Spasms and aids in Relieving Painful Periods, it also helps in reducing Painful Menopausal Symptoms. Chamomile Tea is also good for Treating Premenstrual Headaches and Migraines. A type of Topical Chamomile Cream has also been used to Treat Sore Breast Nipples and also used as a Vaginal Douche for the Treatment of all kinds of Vaginal Infections.

Chamomile has been used Externally to Treat Wounds and Inflammations. Chamomile Flowers are used as a Poultice and for External Swellings, Pain or Congested Neuralgia, and will relieve where other Remedies have Failed, proving invaluable for Reducing Swellings of the Face caused through Abscesses. Chamomile is also used Externally as a Topical Remedy against Skin Disorders such as Eczema. Soothing Relief from Cystitis and Hemorrhoids can be had by sitting on a Bowl of Chamomile Herbal Tea.

Of the Chamomile, Nicholas Culpeper wrote:

“A decoction made of Camomile, and drank, taketh away all pains and stitches in the side. The flowers of Camomile beaten, and made up into balls with oil, drive away all sorts of agues, if the part grieved be anointed with that oil, taken from the flowers, from the crown of the head to the sole of the foot, and afterwards laid to sweat in his bed, and that he sweats well. It is profitable for all sorts of agues that come either from phlegm, or melancholy, or from an inflammation of the bowels, being applied when the humours tausing them shall be concocted; and there is nothing more profitable to the sides and region of the liver and spleen than it. The bathing with a decoction of camomile taketh away weariness, easeth pains to what part of the body soever they be applied. It comforteth the sinews that are overstrained, mollifieth all swellings: It moderately comforteth all parts that have need of warmth, digesteth and dissolveth whatsoever hath need thereof, by a wonderful speedy property. It easeth all pains of the cholic and stone, and all pains and torments of the belly, and gently provoketh urine.”