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Eve of Samhain Spell to Connect with the Spirit World


by Susan Sheppard

You will need:

  • a white candle,
  • matches
  • a mirror

At dusk, go to an area or a place you feel the spirits are especially powerful.

Make contact by walking about and allowing your mind to roam.

Light your white candle and peer into it saying:

“Clear as midnight, the spirits are bright. Ghostly curiosity brings you to me. As a form takes shape, I am not asleep. Spirit awake, take your shape.”

Let the candle flicker.

Glance into the mirror and look past your shoulder. Do you see mists or lighted balls in the reflection? This is how ghosts typically appear.

Return to the area on the next three nights.

Take some pictures. At home, place your mirror face down. Mirrors trap spirits. Some spirits will track you as you search for their reflections. If you want your ghost to leave, just say so. Follow this up by putting a broom over your transom and burning sage. …

Divination Method of Contacting an Ancestor

Preparation Before you contact an ancestor, select one of your favorite ways to ground and center. Feel yourself as grounded by earth’s gravity and centered between earth and sky, to help you sense your place in your family lineage. When you’ve finished the divination, thank your forebear(s) for their wisdom and express gratitude to the universal energies for holding you in their loving embrace.

Making Contact You can encourage your departed loved ones to come talk to you about issues you find confusing, especially on dates that hold memories for you concerning them, or during the transition from summer to winter. To perform this divination:

  1. Settle on a question for your beloved ancestor(s).
  2. Ground and center.
  3. Keep your eyes closed and silently ask that one or more of your departed loved ones join you in thinking about your oracular question.
  4. Listen for your ancestor’s voice(s) if your favorite oracular channel is auditory. Watch for a sign if you tend towards visual divinations. Or notice any feelings or physical changes in your body if the kinesthetic mode comes easiest to you.
  5. Interpret your oracle. In some cases, you may want to use free association

Additional Suggestions:

You can ask a specific ancestor to speak with you about your issue, or you can send out a call for any person who loved you in life. Make sure to add that you’re inviting only friends or relatives who come in good will with your highest benefit in mind. My own calls for help through the veil have always been answered by people who in life loved or had strong positive feelings for me. But adding this restriction still makes me feel safe, and safety is the first requirement for a successful divination.

**If, like me, you tend towards auditory oracles, most of your answers will arrive in the form

If, like me, you tend towards auditory oracles, most of your answers will arrive in the form of a conversation with your ancestor. My grandmother and father have both conveyed helpful insights in words I heard in my mind.

Communication with the dead can also occur through synchronicities and dreams. My friend Abbie had stayed with us for three weeks before moving to Washington, D.C. When she died several years later, she said goodbye by rattling the doorknob to the room where she’d slept. My father also came in a dream to let me know that he was dying.

Remember that the oracle you anticipate may come in the way you least expect. And please note that if your ancestor does not answer you within 10 or 15 minutes, he or she may contact you in the days, weeks or even months that follow. This type of divination always remains a two-way street. You are contacting another individual, who may not always be available. For example, recently my father told me that it had become more difficult for him to talk with me, since he had reincarnated and was now living his next life. Some souls seem to pull away from their former lives more quickly than others. If they don’t answer, you may need to try again another day, or ask someone else. But be assured that the love, protection and guidance of our ancestors defies the finality of death.