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What is Palmistry?

By Messengers of the Spirit

Historically, palmistry is a form of divination. Information about a person’s personality traits, talents, and interests are revealed through analysis of their hands. The art of palmistry is learned through the study of markings and haracteristics of the hands. Most people associate the lines on the palm as the focus of a palm reading. However, it is the whole hand that will be analyzed by a professional palmist. Palm lines, the shape of the hands and fingers, spaces between fingers, colorings of the hands and fingernails, size of mounts, etc. will all be taken into consideration.
The sum of all of these characteristics will tell a complete story: 

*Skin tone (pale, pink, red)
* Skin texture (ranges from fine to very rough)
* Thickness or thinness of hands
* Knuckle size
* Length and width of fingernails
* Shape of fingernails (round, oval, square, or spatulate)
* Shape of fingertips (square, round, tapered, spatulate)
* Length or shortness of individual fingers
* Flexibility and resistance in finger movement
* Palm quadrants
* Palm shape (square, round, oblong, spatulate)
* Center of palm (sunken, flat, or plump)
* Palm mounts and markings
* Palm lines
What to Expect from a Palm Reading
The client is generally seeking insight in the way of career opportunities, romance possibilities, or spiritual concerns and may feel somewhat anxious. A good palmist will take care to ease any nervousness associated with having your hands handled and inspected so closely. No matter how intuitive a palmist is, he is not a fortune-teller. A reputable palmist will stay clear of making off the cuff predictions or alarming clients with tales of prophecy. He will give an overall analysis after exploring both your hands. There should be no pointing out of character flaws, but rather suggestions may be given concerning areas that can be improved upon. For example, the palm reader won’t tell you that your palm indicates that you are a “lazy dog” but might gently say something like your nature is laid back or that you struggle with a lack of motivation. The palmist who remains open-minded and answers client questions honestly and objectively is a treasure. Also, a well-trained palmist can recognize signs in hands that may indicate that your health is compromised, if so he may suggest you seek medical attention.
References: Palmistry, the Whole View, Judith Hipskind: The Complete Book of Palmistry, Joyce Wilson

Eve of Samhain Spell to Connect with the Spirit World


by Susan Sheppard

You will need:

  • a white candle,
  • matches
  • a mirror

At dusk, go to an area or a place you feel the spirits are especially powerful.

Make contact by walking about and allowing your mind to roam.

Light your white candle and peer into it saying:

“Clear as midnight, the spirits are bright. Ghostly curiosity brings you to me. As a form takes shape, I am not asleep. Spirit awake, take your shape.”

Let the candle flicker.

Glance into the mirror and look past your shoulder. Do you see mists or lighted balls in the reflection? This is how ghosts typically appear.

Return to the area on the next three nights.

Take some pictures. At home, place your mirror face down. Mirrors trap spirits. Some spirits will track you as you search for their reflections. If you want your ghost to leave, just say so. Follow this up by putting a broom over your transom and burning sage. …

This Is My Truth!

What an amazing thought. Group of thoughts. Poem. The author and the girl reciting this are unknown. Did a lot of searching and couldn’t find any information, just the video posted in several places. Decided it needed to be here also. Enjoy and take heed of the hope wisdom.

I post this in hopes that I am not breaking any copyright laws or such but I thought this needs to be shared everywhere. I looked everywhere and could not find anyone claiming rights to this video

Iceland to build first temple to Norse gods since Viking age

I don’t know about you, but I want to go when it’s finished. How fabulous is this!

Ásatrúarfélag to build the New Temple
High priest of the Asatru Association, Hilmarsson and fellow members of the Asatru Association attend a ceremony at the Pingvellir National Park near Reykjavik


Ásatrúarfélag to build the New Temple

Great Offer for Bloggers

Hello all and welcome to our blog!

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Bright blessings to you.


Ostara Ritual and Celebration

Hello all,

The  time is coming upon us fast as the Spring Equinox approaches and we get ready for your Ostara Event. Come join us for a ritual (possibly outdoors weather pending) and Potluck as we welcome Spring back for 2015. We will be decorating eggs, maybe planting starting more flower seeds, and celebrating with all of our friends.

It will be happening on March 21st. The location and time will be determined closer to the day as we watch the weather.

For the most up to date information, please check out our page at

Ostara Ritual and Celebration

Saturday, Mar 21, 2015, 3:00 PM

6 Friends Attending

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