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Living Life

DoMotherGoddessEarthes living a pagan life really have to be so different then the rest of the world? Let’s see what people have to say about this.

Living a pagan life in a non pagan word can be a challenge, or not. I think as anything in life, it’s what we make of it. Find out how others do it day to day, week to week, spiraling year after year.

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Herbs, Plants, Trees, and Gardening

There is so much joy in gardening and raising our own plants whether we live on a farm or are growing in pots in our windows and on our patios and balconies. Food, remedies, beauty, not only are they beautiful, they are useful and necessary on so many levels.

I hope to create and eclectic variety of wisdom in growing, plant and herb, uses, etc here for anyone to read and use. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I am enjoying putting it together.

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Articles and News from Around the World

There are many things going on around the world that effect us all individually and as a whole. I try to find and collect these, and those that I am able to legally, I will bring here. If I cannot re-post them, I will post links.

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Welcome to Life’s Mystical Journey

Welcome to our blog, a place for sharing, learning, and discussion.  

As this blog is also attached to our forums and our shop, we want this to be a safe place to discuss a variety of topics including spirituality, faith, Wicca, Druidry, and many other topics that are being worked on as we speak and gain bloggers.

Watch for the exciting new things to come.

As the site grows, we hope to gain new bloggers along with new readers to help enhance everyone’s experience here.

If you are interested in being one of our bloggers, we offer links to you own blogs along with publishing your posts here in exchange for link to us on your own pages. If you are interested in being part of our project, please email me, Journey, at post@lifesmysticaljourney.com

Please, as a guest to our forums, remember to be respectful and kind. This is a safe place for all to share, study, and learn. Read, take with you want and leave everything else alone. We all lead our own path, our own lives, and this must be respected. Any hostility or direct disrespect will lead to you’re being banned from the site.

You can also find us here:

Modern Druidry – Blending the Old World with the New

Modern Druidry is a spirituality and way of life that combines our love for the earth with creativity as we live our  modern lives in a modern world.

As a Celtic Re-constructionist Druid with a twist of Wicca, I hope to bring an understanding of how we can use the old stories to help us live in our current every day lives. Using our creativity through writing, art, song, and other mediums we can love and protect the earth while teaching others how to do the same.

I am a Druid, a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids working on my Ovate grade, and a teacher, writer, and healer. I hope you all will enjoy this page as much as I will enjoy putting it together for you all.

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Great North West Pagan Association

We are an earth-spirit based group who provide fellowship with like minded people, offer meet ups and get togethers in public and private venues for fun, sharing and learning, ritual and celebration. We are a family oriented group and hope to provide a fun exciting atmosphere for everyone.

Hope you have your join our parties, rituals, and potlucks. Watch here for information about upcoming events along with reviews of past events.  In addition to google+ and facebook, please look for us on Meetup.com as this is where we track our RSVPs. Hope to see you there soon!

During the cold wet winter months, we are currently holding events in people’s homes which make them a little less family friendly. Right now we are asking that children do not attend as the homes where we are holding events are not always child friendly. Once the weather warms and dries, we will go back to outdoor public events where all family will be welcome.

Thank you for your understanding.

You can also find us here

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We can learn more from ourselves and each other then anywhere else.

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